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A Paramount Engineering Works, one shop solution for all your needs of temple ornaments and accessories.

A Paramount Engineering works, established in 1968, is pioneer in making Jain Derasar & Hindu Temple accessories with rare combination of engineering expertise and artistic skills.

We are master in making brass-copper dhwajadand as per religious norms (shastrokt Varnan) Dhwajadand is made will all accessories like carved casting patli, full rings, haif rings, surya, shankhavati, “Chotrisa Yantra” dwajas rod mogra etc. we are making dwajdands from as small as 5” to as big as 36’ long . Dhwajdand is eighter coated by gold through ancient gold leaves (Waraq) process using mercury or been electroplated using nickel / copper base or they are polished & coated with imported lequer

Brass – copper Kalash are made as per drawings and dimensions from virgin sheets with proper fixing on stone Kalash . Kalash are coated with gold leaves (Waraq) process using mercury or made from 1” to 11’ high.

Wooden Doors
Wooden carved doors are made of finest quality wood and are coated with pure silver, germansilver, brass sheets & nails, or a new concept introduced by us “Ganga – Jamna” doors which are coated with brass – germansilver sheets. We also make deeply carved polished doors with 3 Dimensional carving. Wooden doors coated with sheets are polished & coated with imported lequer for maintainance free operation.

Bhandar (Cash Box)
We make eye catching bhandars made out of finest quality wood and are carved & coated with silver, brass, germansilver sheets or given Ganga – Jamna finish. Bhandars are made in various shapes such as round bhandar octagone bhandar, kexagone bhandar, half round bhandar, rectangle bhandar, standing bhandar, shipshaped bhandar etc. Bhandars are carved with varieties like conventional 14 supan(swapna), asthamangal and innovative designs like 16 vidhyadevi, panch – kalyanak, nawgrah , das dikpal, “Bhav’s of Tirthankars, “Jivan Charitra” etc. of 24 Tirthankar, Adhishtayak dev – devi & Acharya bhagwants.

We are making Samovasaran, Trigda, Sinhasan, Merushikhar is various sizes as per religious norms (Shastrokt Vaarnan). Trigada is made square in shape, Smovasarans are made out of wood with silver, brass, germansilver sheets coated on it or given Ganga-Jamna finish. Menoshikar is a novelty made as per ancient theory with speciality carving.

Divi Stand
Divi stand is made out of wood with base legs, pole brackets and tray for holding “divi”they are made with variety in leds & brackets. Divi Stand is also coated with silver, brass germansilver or ganga-jamna sheets.

Wooden bajoth are made for “Ashtaprakari puja” of shree tirthankar pdols & are carved & claded with silver, brass, german silver, ganga-jamna. They are provided with trays with pipe for discharge of “prakshal” They are usually made 15” x 18”x11”.

Wooden patla are made for “Pujan” of “Ashtamangal”, “Navgrah” & “Das dikpal” & are carved accordingly with silver, brass, germansilver or ganga-jamna sheets. They are coated with imported lequer for long lasting finish .

Angi – Mukut
We are pioneer in making exclusive deep – embossed designs with excellent fitting & with genuine purity of metal i.e. gold – silver – copper in Angi – Mukut – Kundal – Pakhat – Bhamandal of shree Tirthankar idols for Jain Derasars.
We give excellent finish, variety of settings and innovative colour combination in Jadtar – colour stones Angi – Mukut made out of choosen Swiss – Austriyan Stones.

We make exclusive Pearl Angi – Mukut with various kind of wiving work like net – wiving , Oval wiving &Straight line wiving with combination of garment, Ruby, Emrald, Gomed etc. stones.

We have introduced totally new kind of ‘Minakari Angi” with Austrian stones. This reflects colourful mood with great magnetic effect during night time with natural light like “Diva”.

We also make chhatra in gold, silver or copper with stone work.

Pichhwadi (Backdrop)
We are Specialised in making “Puthiya”also known as “Pichhwadi” behind Tirthankar idols in silver or copper. They are carved with raise embose with different types of design including “Ashtpratihan” Kalyanak, Samovasaran, Bhav etc.and are plated with Gangajamna or Ukala polish. Pichhwadi is fixed in airtight frame to give maintainance free long lastind shining. Chakshu-Tika stones are fitted of appropriate places in pichhwadi for enhancing asthetics.
Toran for “Garbhgrih” doors are made out of copper or silver & are given gangajamna or full golden finish with stone work. They are packed in air tight imported acrylic framing & are fixed with bran brackets.

14 Supans (Swapna)
14 Supan (Swapna) are made out of silver They are made hollow out of pure silver sheets showing excellent piece of craftmamship. They are polished & coated with gangajamna. They are fixed with imported colour stones, chakshu, like etc. They are coated with imported lequer. Parna is also made out of silver sheet with wooden silver claded sheet.

Brass railings - gates – door fittings
We are specialized in making brass, aluminium railings for Jain – hindu temple in heavy gaege for handling heavy rush during festivals. We make bran gates, grill, compound gates, collapsible gates with attractive designs & good strength.
We make specialized brass fittings for doors including Pivot set (Rua- aniwra), aldrops, towerbotts, tadi, stoppers & handles. We also make heavy multiple directional lock for temple doors.
We also make copper prakshal kundi as per size for collecting “Prakshal” (Naman).

Manekstambh - Toran
Special types of Manekstabh (Mobon) & Torans are made out of wood & coated with brass germansilver gangajamna sheets. Some times they are just painted.

Silver articles
Silver locks for “Dwaroddghatan” are made out of sterlivy silver & are given ganga jamna finish. Silver “Thapi” carved bowls, plates, prakshal kalash, Rajpunah etc. are made for use in “Pratishtha” Ceremony.

Vyakhyan Pat
Vyakhyan pat (Lecture seat) is made for the use of Jain Saints is made out of finest quality wood with deep carving . It consists of one main seat, Samovasaran, ladder, backdrop and frame as per requirement. It is polished to your choice to suit carving .

Rath - Indradhwaja
Rath and Indrawaja are made for procession (Varghoda) as per religious customs. Indradhwaja is heading procession & is folloeed by Rath Which carries Tirthankar idol both are made out of wood with carving with is claded with silver, germab silver brass sheet. They work on chasis with 4 wheels.

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